New Service Request

Welcome to the CBB Water System, Inc. Community.  If  you need water service you will need to print and fill out the Water User's Agreement found below.  There are several different cover letters listed below, one of which should fit your circumstance exactly.  This cover letter explains the System's  fees and depoit(s) which must accompany the filled out Water User's Agreement before we can begin your water service.

Please note:

  • Turning on the valve at your meter is illegal unless your paperwork and deposit(s) have been remitted and approved by our Office Manager.  Normally we will arrange to turn on your valve, but if no one is home we will generally only unlock the meter and you can turn  the meter on yourself.  This is done to make sure that no damage occurs in your home.
  • CBB is a member owned non-profit utility.  We are not able to waive any deposits under any circumstances.  Viturally all of our members have excellent credit scores; but everyone on the system has paid the required deposit.  Please do not ask that your deposit be waived; we are not able to do so.