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Alternative sources of water cannot be connected to CBB's water lines or any water lines, homes, barns, sprinkler systems or any other fixtures or devices (whether inside or outside your home) that are connected to CBB's system. 

This means you cannot legally have a water well (or a line from the lake) and CBB's supply line jointly connected to serve any part of your property at the same time.  For example a valve cannot be used to alternate between CBB water and well water.  You are permitted to use well  or lake water on your property (for example for a lawn sprinkler system), but there MUST be a physical gap of at least 1 foot between CBB's lines and alternative source lines at all times.

If you do have a lawn sprinkler system, and it is connected to CBB's lines you must have a back-flow prevention device installed.  This can be a pressure type back-flow preventer to provide overall protection from a sprinkler system or a vacuum-break type of preventer that is installed with each valve (run) on your system; these devices are typically up, out of the ground about a foot or so.  If you have any doubt that you have the proper device(s) on your sprinkler system please call our office (318-965-0015) and we willl come inspect your system for you.  These devices prevent water containing bacterial and lawn chemicals from your lawn from being sucked back into the drinking water system.  Serious illness or death to you, your family or your neighbors can occur if your sprinkler system is not properly isolated from drinking water lines.

Please click HERE for to see the complete Cross Connection Policy approved by the Board.